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Second Album – HIMALAYA JUU, THE LAST HIMALAYA 2017 is out now !

01. Nga Gi Ya Mashey

First Album – WAKE UP LATE

01. Yonphula            02. Choe Lu Ta Dhi

03. Mee chhu Ghi        04. Thimphu Babesa

05. Droba Longdhi      06. Che Ma Jo mey

07. Odho Lay                 09. Wongdho Wongdho

Singles and other recordings

Nge Thimphu               Che Da Nga                 Khu sim sim


 01. Youngphula               02. Thimphu Babesa Unplugged 

03. Thimphu Babesa    04. Nge Thimphu Lyrics Video

05. Odho Lay                    06. Droba Longdhi lyrics video

08. Che ma Jo Mey       08. Wongdho Wongdho 

09. Me Chu gi                  10. Choe lu Ta Dhi

Misty Terrace Hits Playlist on youtube

The Music of Misty Terrace with Namgay Zam






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