Ngim chi gi tsey, bum choe da nga

One day soon, for you and me

ga wi ngyma ma sha dhi dhey wong

the day will be filled will boundless happiness

Tendrel me tsi, kha dar me go

but we will not celebrate, we don’t need khadars ( congratulatory scarf )

Ngim dang pa ley, choe nga gi in

cause from day one, you have been mine!

call chi chab da, choe busy yep dha

when I call you and hear that you are line is busy

Nge zamling gey jow mey

My world falls apart right away

choe gi chim gi, go dung ne bew dha

When I am about to knock on your door

Lo ga ra jey jow mey

I forget everything I planned to say to you



Ngim chi gi tsey, nge long me tub

One day soon, I cannot fall asleep

choe tha ma men, sem ga me shay

if you are not near me, I cannot be happy

cha kap thew dha, lo lab me go

When our hairs grow white with age, we don’t have to talk

choe dong taw chi, nga gi ha go

by staring at your face, I will understand what you want to say

choe thama mena, sem gani me shay

If you are not near me, I will not know how to be happy

nge ga zum ga ra ye ni mey

All of my humor and smiles will be vanished

shey chi choe ley, romeo juliet, ga chi  bey shew innaa

From you I have come to understand why Romeo and Juliet died