THE SONGS of Misty Terrace

‘ Mee chu ghi’  became something of a fan-favorite, showing Misty Terrace’s more experimental and darker soul sound influenced by artists like Coldplay, Muse and Atif aslam. The song has that great chromatic chord progression and some interesting lyrics about identity and love searching. What’s even more astounding is the fact that Misty Terrace released this one as its fourth song from the debut album ‘ Wake up late’  despite the fact that its not exactly “poppy”.

The first indication that Misty Terrace was an arena-ready band from day one, “Thimphu Babesa” was Misty Terrace’s way of telling Bhutan that they wanted to be the next Ugyen Panday just as much as they wanted to be the next Atif Aslam with the compositions less in number and more in taking the spotlight.

Critics of Misty Terrace can be just as confused about who they want the band to be as much as the band is.  People ( the real misty followers) didn’t like the populist style of ” Khu sim sim” and “Meaow” , so the band released the most abstract, forward-thinking, piece of art pop they could muster up – the ‘ Nge Thimphu ‘

There was a time when Tandin was a heart-on-his-sleeves singer/songwriter who wrote mostly love songs and listened to local music so much.  While we didn’t think we needed another one of those at the time, that approach produced some of Misty Terrace’s most well-written songs, including “choe Lu ta dhi dhey bi say.”

How Misty Terrace went from a one-hit alt-rock band to one of the favourite in Bhutan is still a mystery. But a lot can be attributed to this hard-hitting first track – Youngphula.  Rather than releasing commercial albums and tracks in the local movies, Misty Terrace took their sound in a bold new direction, exemplified in what remains our favorite of the band’s songs.


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