About the Band

An alternative rock music band at the heart of Bhutan. The Misty Terrace have steadily grown a reputation for their wide variety of original music, sometimes fun and danceable, sometimes stirring and intense.

In an era dominated by social media, foreign entertainment, symbolism, and the lack of music industry in Bhutan, The Misty Terrace have no problem establishing their mark in the country.

‘Their songs are fresh and familiar at the same time, with absolutely addictive melodies’ – BBS, national broadcasting channel, 2015.

Brought up by high school friends and college mates, they are amateur musicians and singers thriving to give best of something their own, in a tiny beautiful kingdom of Bhutan, where the Music Industry is still at an immature abstract stage. In a country where most people listen to Bollywood and English songs, and where most local bands are known only for such cover songs, Misty Terrace takes a rather lonely road shared only by few other local artists.

The band started in 2013 when singer/songwriter Tandin Wangchuk met lead guitarist Kash at college in Coimbatore. Fueled by a mutual interest in alternative rock and emerging pop, the two began recording original materials and covers on laptop. ‘It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile after the first few demos and jam ups’ says Tandin, ‘Kash and me just clicked, and we knew the time was just right to take our story (through songs) forward to Bhutan.’

The Misty Terrace is currently sweeping through the Bhutanese music scene with their gritty guitar hooks and distinctive vocal harmonies. Their deep lyrics and plentiful themes on life, love, existence and culture intensify their power as valued songwriters. They constantly incorporate other styles into their sound so that no genre is off-limits. Their musical influences include Coldplay, Megadeth, Adele and Ed Sheeran.  The band’s second album is launched in July 2017.

Nga Gi Ya Mashey from the 2017 New Album  – HIMALAYA JUU, THE LAST HIMALAYA is out now !